The Board

Andrea Onduku

Andrea Onduku and her husband Dr Akpo Onduku are Pastors of Chapel of Grace, Bradford. She is the Founder of ‘The Royal Daughters’ whose goal is to empower women, equipping them with the confidence and skills needed to succeed. She is also the Founder of ‘Matters of The Heart’ which provides training to individuals and organisations on emotional intelligence, resilience, well-being, and communication skills. She is also a qualified counsellor, communications consultant, TV presenter, writer, and editor. She has also worked as a lecturer at Christ the Redeemer Bible College, London. She has ministered in several forums and conferences across the UK and Europe.

Lynda Ojiakor

Lynda Ojiakor and her husband Benny are the visioners of Wisdom of Faith Ministries, and parents to a teenager and two young adult children.

Lynda is an inspirational conference speaker, a coach, trainer, mentor, author and a dynamic Bible teacher for over 10 years.

Olayemi Adelekan

Yemi is an ex-banker and continues to work in the field of Business and Process Improvement, Project and Stakeholder Management. Her career has given her opportunities to inform and shape customer and colleague experiences. Yemi considers her workplace as an area she is called to influence. She also serves in her local church. She’s an author of two books, 'Flying High in a Polka dot dress' and ‘The Purposeful Life Project’. She also writes a blog titled ‘Purposefulme’.

Ben Knipe

Ben Knipe is a husband and father with two sons. He has run his own business for 20 years and is passionate about kingdom building and loves serving at his local church.