Core Values

Live to Give

We believe that the whole essence of life is to give. The secret to a meaningful life is to learn how to be a giver. True evidence of love is the willingness to give! Love gives to others while lust takes from others. Therefore we seek to model the life and teaching of Jesus who said that; ‘‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’’

Spirit of Goodwill

Our motivation is to love and treat one another as we would want them to treat us. Therefore, the big ‘I’s and little ‘U’s attitude should not be accepted within our organisation. Everyone no matter their background or status should be loved and valued, and be shown the grace; and given the space and time to bloom in life.

Happy to Sweep Floors

Having no concerns about status and ego and willing to do whatever is necessary to help our charity succeed. No job is beneath anyone, and all level of personnel should be willing to do even the most basic work, if that is, what is required to achieve our goals and objectives.

Corporate & Team Success First

We commit to promote corporate and team success over individual triumph. This means we assign to vulnerability trust where healthy conflicts and accountability are encouraged and self-promotion discouraged in order to accomplish our charity goals and objectives.

Adherence to Christian Ethos

Whilst we are open to everyone to express their views and access our services, we expect all our personnel and service users to respect our Christian ethos.